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8:30 am - 9:45 am


Worship Service  10:00 am

Youth-led Service  4th Sunday at 10:00 am



6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


We are “Christ-centered” believers brought together by the hand of God to perform “greater works”

In the Villa Rica community and surrounding areas. We strive to follow the example of Jesus by putting others before ourselves. Jesus glorified the Father in his death, burial, and resurrection. Our collective desire is to glorify the Father through our faith, by our works, and love for one another.


Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost; we offer Christ through our witness to others. We don’t claim to be perfect and we are not the shiny object, we are not fancy. We just want to do God’s will. We won’t try to WoW you with flashiness or religious catch phrases and activities. We welcome you with open arms, we will love you and train you in biblical principles, we will fellowship with you and pray for you. We will laugh with you and play with you. Macedonia is concerned about your wellness spiritually, mentally, and physically.


Christian Education and Youth Development has been and remain top priorities at Macedonia. Under the leadership of Dr. Susan Jones, we are realizing her vision and the fruit of our labor in training and education beginning with our exciting and relevant Bible Studies, Sunday School, and Youth Studies. At our church we believe the only way to truly know God is to establish a personal relationship with Him and learn as much as we can about him. We have expanded our campus adding four new classrooms in our student complex to accommodate our youth. We are excited about what God is doing here at Macedonia Baptist Church.

"When we face hardship, difficulty, and adversity, we must remember to remain confident in God and His promises."
here at macedonia

At MBC, we live out and adhere to Christ-centered values. We believe that these core values are the foundation of our spiritual growth, community, and our lives overall. Click below to learn more about the core values of MBC.

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At MBC, we believe that God has given each and every one of us a gift and many talents. We are each a working part of one whole body. It is our duty to use those talents/gifts appropriately to serve. Click below to browse the ministries we offer here at MBC to see where you can start serving with us.

Men's Ministry at Macedonia Baptist Church Villa Rica

Spiritual growth is important here at MBC. We believe that Jesus is the blueprint for how to live and we are intentional about applying God's word in our everyday lives. Click below to listen to some of our sermons that will help you in your walk with Christ.